Paul Mescal's chain raffle raises over €70k for Pieta House 7 months ago

Paul Mescal's chain raffle raises over €70k for Pieta House

Normal People may be over.

But the unequivocal love for Connell's chain is not.


The silver neckpiece has stolen our hearts, minds, and ability to be attracted to any man who does not sport a similar look.

It's a difficult time to be a lad, but it could be made easier by simply donning some jewellery-based neckwear - or by winning some of it by entering a relevant raffle in aid of Pieta House.

Last month, Paul Mescal announced that he was raffling off one of his personal chains in order to raise vital funds for the suicide prevention charity - and although it's fairly likely that the vast majority of people who entered the draw are women, we can remain hopeful that a few guys got involved too, right?

Mescal, who is currently living in London with fellow Normal People star India Mullen, decided to donate one of his iconic chains last month, stating: "Pieta is a cause very close to my heart, having experienced loss due to suicide in my local town while growing up.

"Suicide and depression are themes directly linked to Normal People especially around episodes nine and 10 which is why I want to help those in similar situations."

Unsurprisingly, the raffle has since garnered a lot of attention, raising (at the time of writing) a staggering €66,000 for Pieta House. Incredible scenes.


The raffle closes today (2pm, June 8) and the lucky winner will be announced in due course.

You can check out the raffle, which ends today, here.