People think Calvin Harris got a dig at Taylor Swift through his footwear 4 years ago

People think Calvin Harris got a dig at Taylor Swift through his footwear

Ah, Taylor and Calvin, the love story that just wasn't meant to be.

It's been an eventful few weeks for Taylor Swift, ending her 'wonderful' relationship with Calvin Harris and then moving on fairly quickly to actor Tom Hiddleston who she thinks is 'the one'.

While Calvin and Taylor had a fairly awkward breakup to begin with, which led to them both deleting images of each other from their social media accounts, now they seem to be moving on with their lives.

Taylor's got Tom and Calvin's got... new runners?

People are saying that Calvin's choice of footwear means he was throwing a dig at Taylor.

Calvin stepped out in Yeezy runners, which of course are designed by Kanye West who is Taylor's on again off again enemy.

One minute they're friends, the next they're not. But either way, fans have been saying that Calvin wore these new runners as a way to throw shade at Taylor.

The feud between Kanye and Taylor first started years ago when Kanye stormed the stage while Taylor was collecting an award. Since then they've had their fair share of squabbles and the most recent is over lyrics from one of Kanye's songs.

He sings about potentially sleeping with Taylor to make her famous and while he says she allowed him to use the wording, even telling him on the phone that it was okay, she says that she had absolutely no knowledge of the lyrics.

Adding fuel to the fire, Kayne's wife, Kim Kardashian-West, has backed up Kanye's story saying that Taylor did, in fact, know about the lyrics.

Somehow in the middle of all of this Calvin has got dragged into it. Can he not just like the style of footwear?