People think Michelle Keegan has a willy in this picture 5 years ago

People think Michelle Keegan has a willy in this picture

Michelle Keegan is an all-around gentlewoman and someone who gives us serious fitness and lifestyle goals.

We can’t fault her but apparently there are many who can and they are doing it in the masses on Instagram over one particular picture.


Michelle has had a busy year.

After the phenomenal success of Our Girl, Michelle has headed off on holiday to Dubai with husband Mark Wright.

Showing off an enviable tan, the actress shared an image to Instagram. The first thing we noticed were her impeccable abs but it seems other, more sinisterly minded folk, gazed further south and noticed something.

There is a tassel on Michelle’s bikini bottoms and many have pointed out that the tassel resembles, well, another type of tassel all together.


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Yes, the childish minds on the Internet are commenting that Michelle Keegan has a willy.

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Sure the tassel adds a bit of extra material to the swimsuit, but some viewers are claiming it looks like a bulge.



Welcome to the internet.

Anyway, she looks flawless. I would part with good money and if need be, my soul to look like that.