Piers Morgan absolutely slams Meghan Markle and we are SHOOK 1 year ago

Piers Morgan absolutely slams Meghan Markle and we are SHOOK

Way harsh.

Piers Morgan isn't exactly known for treading slightly but his latest Twitter tirade takes things to another level.

You might remember his previous online war of words with Chrissy Teigen and now he has an issue with Meghan Markle.

Not just any issue either, he's getting very angry with Meghan's relationship with her father and we have to question this because really is it any of his business?

He took it upon himself to pen her a letter, via Twitter, and the focus of it is to tell her that she needs to mend the rift between her and Dad.

According to reports, things have gone from bad to worse between Thomas and his daughter as you'll see here.

Piers wrote:

"Dear Meghan Markle, all your fancy new palaces, servants & tiaras won’t make up for losing your father. Get on a plane & go see the poor man before it’s too late. You can’t just freeze him out of your life like you’ve done the rest of your family & most of your old friends".

A number of people have said that the reason for this outburst is because he wasn't too happy when he didn't get an invite to Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding in May.

In fact, people have even suggested this in the comments responding to his tweet with one person saying "all of this because you didn't get an invite".

However, he's not getting the response that he wanted because people have suggested that he should mind his own business.

And we have to say we agree!