Prince William gets first Covid vaccine, has big arms 1 year ago

Prince William gets first Covid vaccine, has big arms

Fair play.

Prince William has received his first Covid jab, a truly momentous occasion for UK subjects everywhere.


The royal, who was recently named the most sexiest bald man in the world, received his first dose of the vaccine yesterday. In a photo that could only be nothing but candid, the Duke of Cambridge can be seen sitting peacefully while an NHS worker administers the jab to the prince's willing flesh.

But it wasn't the vaccine itself that got social media users up in a heap this morning, no. Although the anti-vaxxers are bound to be out in force, it was the pro-guns gals who dominated the comment sections of this image.

Because Prince William has got Pretty Big Arms, and this is news, apparently.


Donning a casual jean and light sweater for his vaccine appointment, the prince lifted his sleeve to reveal a particularly impressive arm. Naturally flexing for the photo, his face appeared neutral as the vaccine entered his royal body, which apparently is quite ripped. The more you know.

The Duke of Cambridge has appeared in the news frequently enough recently, disappointingly not due to his inability to ever skip arm day.

Earlier this year he responded quite abruptly to Meghan Markle's claim that a member of the Firm had questioned what her baby "would look like" before he was born, telling Sky News "we are not a racist family." 


Buckingham Palace then responded by announcing that they would be launching further diversity training among their own, pretty much refuting William's claim entirely.

And while the prince may not have the capacity to lift the stain of discriminatory behaviour that has marked the British royals since Harry and Meghan's departure (and forever, really), we do know that he can lift one thing - weights.