Remember Charlie from The Santa Clause? Here’s what he looks like now 5 years ago

Remember Charlie from The Santa Clause? Here’s what he looks like now

This is likely to make you feel old.

Cute little Charlie was the star of the 1994 Christmas epic, The Santa Clause.


Charlie Calvin, played by Eric Lloyd, watches as his dad Scott, played by Tim Allen, unintentionally becomes Santa.

Charlie is probably the emotional epicentre of the film, being the driving force behind his father's transformation and of course, inspiring us all with his unwavering belief in Christmas miracles.

Eric Lollyd

So what has he been up to in the 21 years since the film hit the silver screen?


Well as a child he also starred in the TV show Jesse. Then he grew up and went to college. He started a band called Radiomason and plays guitar and sings lead vocals. He studied Film Production and after graduated stared a production company called LP Studios.


All in all he seems like a cool guy. He did a Reddit AMA last year and answered the one question that’s always been on my mind. Did being in the movie not ruin his belief in Santa? He answered;

“When the first movie came out, they premiered it at the Arclight theater in Hollywood. They brought Santa in a helicopter, and I told my mom in the limo how I was going to know if he was the real Santa or not.

"I said 'I sent him a letter asking him for this toy. But what I really want now is a kitten'.

So right then, my mom said 'oh crap! I told him the toy!'.

So when we got to the premiere, my dad took me and my sister down the red carpet, and my mom ran to the first PA she could find, with a walkie, and said 'You gotta radio the helicopter and tell Santa he wants a kitten!'

"When the first Santa came out of the helicopter and walked over to me, he leaned over and whispered in my ear "We're gonna have to get you that kitten!" And my mom said my face - my eyes went so wide-eyed. And I believed that was the REAL Santa for the next 5-6 years.

"My mom was really good about keeping all those holiday things alive”.


And now we know.