Royal expert on why Kate Middleton could be 'keen' to have a fourth child 3 years ago

Royal expert on why Kate Middleton could be 'keen' to have a fourth child

A royal expert has revealed why Kate Middleton could be "keen" for a fourth child.

The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge have three children together: six-year-old Prince George; four-year-old Princess Charlotte; and one-year-old Prince Louis.


However, a royal expert has claimed he wouldn't be surprised if Kate does announce she is pregnant again - as she "doesn’t enjoy being at the forefront of royal duties".

Phil Dampier added that having a child close in age to Prince Louis would create a "nice dynamic".

He told Fabulous Digital:


“It wouldn’t surprise me if they had a fourth child.

“Not only does she love family life in Norfolk, to be honest it gives her an excuse to not be at the forefront of royal duties for a bit longer, which I don’t think she enjoys.

“I think Kate’s been interacting with the public and doing very well recently, but from what I’m told she’d rather be at home with the children.

"A fourth [child] could mean she’d have two girls and two boys.

“This would mean a sister for Charlotte but also a child who is a similar age to Louis, so that would be a nice dynamic.”

It comes as, in May, it was reported the Duchess of Cambridge was "feeling broody" and "keen to have a fourth child.

A friend has told The Daily Mail:


"Catherine would like another baby.

"She loves children and is prepared to put herself through another pregnancy even though they have been complicated by severe morning sickness in the past."

It comes as Kate joked that she was feeling "broody" as she and Prince William visited Northern Ireland back in February.

The Duchess of Cambridge met then-five-month-old James Barr during a walkabout, where she told his father Alan: "He's gorgeous. It makes me feel broody."

However, she was quick to quip that she thought "William would be a little worried" if they had a fourth child.