This is how the royal family exchange gifts on Christmas Day 2 years ago

This is how the royal family exchange gifts on Christmas Day

It seems very formal.

As Christmas fast approaches, the royal family are out and about doing bits for charity and putting up decorations in Buckingham Palace.


However, apart from attending mass and the Queen giving her annual speech, we have always wondered what the royals get up to on Christmas Day.

Do they get up at the crack of dawn with the kids and open presents from Santa? Do they buy each other presents? Do they have the usual turkey and ham dinner? Do they have Baileys?

Well, according to The Royal Family website, it turns out that they do indeed buy each other gifts... but they don't exchange them on Christmas morning.

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The site reads: "On Christmas Eve, The Royal Family lay out their presents on trestle tables and will exchange their gifts at teatime."

Seems kinda boring to be honest...

Another thing we know about the royal family is that they don't play Monopoly at Christmas either.


Why? Well, the reason isn't as serious as you might think.

In 2008, Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was at a royal engagement when he was gifted a game of Monopoly, however he had to decline the gift and said he can't play it in his family "because it gets too vicious."

Mental, right? It's just a rule because it all gets too much.