'They started as our opening act'... Keith Duffy mocks Westlife 2 years ago

'They started as our opening act'... Keith Duffy mocks Westlife

OK, Keith...

As most of you will know, Westlife announced they are producing another album and will go on tour in 2019.


The boyband got back together after what seems like a lifetime and it's safe to say that fans were very happy about the announcement.

However, now Keith Duffy has said that Westlife should thank Boyzone for their success as they first brought Westlife on tour with them.

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Talking to Muireann O’Connell on Today FM, Keith said: Ourselves and Take That always got on very well, and in the early days ourselves and Westlife got on very well too.

“And I’m not saying that we don’t now but, I mean, the reality of it is, that Westlife started as Boyzone’s support act. They started as our opening act, they warmed up our audience for us on our European tour and our first two UK tours.

“I don’t know what happened in between that and now, but we don’t to seem to see the boys or talk to them very often – but there’s no bad blood as far as I’m concerned whatsoever.

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“It’s gas because I work with Brian McFadden all of the time as you’d imagine, and Brian is never short to turn around and say Westlife were very lucky to get the start in the world they got because Boyzone gave them the support act on their show. But I’ve yet to hear any of the other members of Westlife give us any kind of credit for that, ya know!

“I don’t think their egos will permit them to say that they started on Boyzone’s stage to be honest.”

Oooh, harsh. He did mention however that he thinks Westlife "lasted the test of time" and "they stayed together a lot longer than most boy bands ever do which is a testament to the lads themselves.”

Take from that what you will.