Tasha asks Andrew to be her boyfriend on tonight's Love Island 2 months ago

Tasha asks Andrew to be her boyfriend on tonight's Love Island

Gemma and Luca aren't far off either.

After last night's episode saw Gemma and Luca head off on their first ever date, romance seems to be in the air on tonight's episode, and they're not the only two feeling the love.


On tonight's episode of Love Island, Tasha has a few tricks up her sleeve. After we saw her rekindle her romance with Andrew, she has her sight set on making things official with him.

Busy making her plan, she reveals to her fellow islanders that she will need their help making her special surprise happen.

Tasha says: "I’ve been planning on making Andrew my boyfriend!

"I’ve made up a whole speech.”


She then leaves notes around the villa in places where she and Andrew have hit milestones hoping he will find them, waiting for the other islanders to kick the plan off.

But will Andrew be on the same page as her and say yes?

As for Gemma and Luca, we heard last night they were waiting for "confirmation" from her mum before they make things official.


But now it seems like they can't wait much longer, and seem to be getting ahead of themselves.

Opening up about their feelings after coming back from their very first date, the two share a private moment on the terrace, speaking about their time together in the villa.

Luca says: “Today has been the best day in the Villa. I wouldn’t want it with anyone else.”


The couple continue to chat and the conversation is headed in a way that could lead to three important words being said.

Apart from this, there is also a recoupling and the boys are picking first. Gathering around the firepit, Adam is first to choose.

He begins: “From the moment I came in here, she made me feel most welcome.”

While we don't know for sure who he's talking about, it's only a matter of time before we find out.