Valley of the Dolls: Johnny Depp Collects Barbies? 9 years ago

Valley of the Dolls: Johnny Depp Collects Barbies?

Here at Headquarters, we believe that when it comes to hot celeb men, Johnny Depp can compete with the likes of Ryan Gosling or the Fassbender. Johnny is what we like to call retro-hot.

He’s been a celeb crush for so long, that it’d feel wrong if he wasn’t included in our various debates about the best-looking men in Hollywood. However, we’ll be honest and tell you that our attraction levels to Johnny started to decrease rapidly when we heard this story.


The Irish Daily Star reports that Johnny Depp likes to collect dolls. But not just any dolls, oh no. He likes to collect limited edition Barbie dolls. Eh…does anyone else find this pretty creepy?

Could you handle Johnny's doll collection?

“He owns dozens of limited edition Barbies. He’s also go dolls based on Beyoncé, the High School Musical cast, Elvis and even Donny Osmond,” said a source, who is close to the actor.

“The weirdest one is a Lindsay Lohan, complete with ankle monitoring bracelet from when she was under house arrest,” added the source.

Elvis? Donny? LINDSAY? Shudder. We are majorly disturbed by this. We can’t lie. We already knew that Johnny had a special interest in weird and strange things, but this seriously takes the biscuit (or the Barbie, in this case…)

What do you think ladies? Could you forgive Johnny Depp for his creepy doll-collecting habit?