Westlife share touching 'grams following two incredible sold out Croke Park gigs 2 years ago

Westlife share touching 'grams following two incredible sold out Croke Park gigs

God bless.

Well, that's it.


It's done, it's all over, never again will Westlife grace the confines of Croke Park and give everybody the absolute time of their lives.

Or, at least, until next year, that is.

Over the weekend, the lads brought over 150,00 ticket holders a couple of shows that will very much go down in history in terms of impressiveness, adoration, and general hype.

It was excessive, it was fun, it was entirely emotional and if you didn't burst into tears at least twice then you simply must not have been there.

And while all of the excitement has steadily wound down since Saturday night, the lads are still taking it upon themselves to share an abundance of snaps from the gigs across social media.


Big few nights for them, in fairness.

Among the photos were a few backstage pics, a load of crowd shots, and stills of Croke Park as it was lit up from the tens of thousands of mobile phones held high in the air.

There was also a few of the lads looking super emotional as they hugged it out on stage for the last time.


Until next year, as previously aforementioned.




This comes after Mark announced on stage that he and fiancé Cailean are expecting a baby girl.

"That's an exclusive," he told the crowd. "I can't wait for her to grow up in this wonderful country."

The singer shared the news that they were first expecting on Instagram, saying it was the "proudest moment" of their lives.

"It really makes this my most special birthday EVER to let everyone know that later this year we will become Dads for the first time," he said at the time.