This woman is the spitting image of Cheryl and the internet is amazed 4 years ago

This woman is the spitting image of Cheryl and the internet is amazed


Sian Teesdale has the internet shook after a selfie she posted went viral.


The Disney princess cosplayer works full-time attending children's parties and events dressed as various Disney princesses from Ariel to Belle - but it's not the fairytale resemblances that are catching people's attention, no. It's when Sian is dressed as Sian that people think she looks most like Cheryl Tweedy.

We have to admit we completely agree.


The mother-of-one is turning heads with many questioning if it's actually Sian and not just an old picture of Cheryl from her early X-Factor days. Sian however was quick to clear the air and confirmed it was her jokingly adding "maybe I should recreate it to prove it's me."

Sian explained how she's always been a fan of Cheryl and often gets mistaken for the celeb when working.


Many people took to the comments, dazed by the similarities. One follower wrote: "I remember the first time you came into Laura Ashley. I was convinced you were Cheryl!"

While another said:

"Omg that's scary you look just like her!"


Many people also tweeted Cheryl asking for the two to meet up. Here's hoping! We cannot stop looking at these pictures, the resemblance is uncanny!