Yes, Meghan is wearing Princess Diana's bracelet during the Oprah interview 1 month ago

Yes, Meghan is wearing Princess Diana's bracelet during the Oprah interview

And she's got every right to be too.

Yes, Meghan Markle is wearing Princess Diana's bracelet in her upcoming interview with Oprah, and yes, it entirely makes sense for her to do so too.


Since her entry into the British royal family - and subsequent decision to leave - the former Suits star has been subject to a significant amount of scrutiny by the British press who have made no secret of theirs that they don't like her, don't like her family, and don't like the fact that she eats avocados. 

Throughout her time living amongst the royals, Meghan was accused of being a bully, being demanding, and being far too outspoken. She and Prince Harry's announcement that they had decided to step away from their royal duties last year was met with horror but not surprise - after all, Meghan always gets what she wants. And she wants out.


As it turns out, Harry also wants out too, and the prince has since made that abundantly clear. In a recent interview with James Cordon, Harry said that he needed to get his family "out of there" and that the consistent scrutiny in the press and beyond had been wrecking havoc on his mental health.

In an upcoming so-called "tell all" interview with Oprah, the couple are expected to delve deep into the pressures of royal life for the first time. In a snippet of the chat released on Sunday, Harry says that his biggest concern is "history repeating itself" - a direct recognition of the anxieties that his mother Princess Diana suffered at the hands of the British media until her death.

In the clip, Meghan doesn't speak but she can be seen wearing Diana's old bracelet in a not-all-that-subtle nod to the way the press has treated her since entering into the family too.


According to PEOPLE, the tennis bracelet is the same piece that was used to make Meghan's three-stone engagement ring, but this time, the Duchess's decision to wear her late mother in law's jewellery may have a more pointed meaning.

Just as Diana was hounded by the press after her marriage to Prince Charles, so was Meghan's every move scrutinised and questioned.

Although some may find it difficult to have sympathy for people who enter into a life of riches, philanthropy, and acre-long palaces, others recognise the strain that a life in the public eye can have on anybody - especially those who spend so much time being abjectly hated.

Princess Diana wasn't hated, and she was still hounded. She lived her life surrounded by cameras and she died by them too, an end that Princess Harry has said multiple times he does not want for his family.

So, it makes sense that Meghan would choose to wear Diana's bracelet for her interview with Oprah. This will no doubt be the first time that she can speak freely.