12 tweets that perfectly sum up last night's Late Late Toy Show 3 years ago

12 tweets that perfectly sum up last night's Late Late Toy Show

Ah and just like that, another year of the Late Late Toy Show comes to an end.

Last night's show will certainly be marked as one of our eternal favourites. Filled with moments of laughter, theatre, sheer happiness, good will and above all else, plenty of happy kids, it was a remarkable show.


But just incase you missed it (or want to recap on the night), here is last night's Toy Show in 12 tweets.

Ryan got a bit too excited with a kid and a stretchy doll...

Little Mia who lives in a crowed house in Dublin, was surprised with a trip to Legoland, Florida for her entire family.

We had tears in our eyes...


Two children from Middleton, Co. Cork were reunited with their father, Sgt. Graham Burke who was peacekeeping in Mali.

The Galway team provided a serious bit of eye candy... Howiye boys...


Ryan wore a face mask... which then became the meme of the century.


Brooke and Amber provided serious laughs telling Ryan he was only "stunnin".


Little Molly and Alison found out they were going to become a zoologist and an author for a day. Kids with bright futures.

A Delorean from Back to the Future was brought out and it went straight over the kids head...

Nikki was as straight up as it gets and it was epic.

Ryan gave us his best runaway impression. But would he make it as America's Next Top Model? Jurys out on this one.

Young Maiú Levi Lawlor was emotional (which made us emotional) after his amazing performance.

And lastly, we realised red suits you Tubs.

What a show.

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Christmas is now officially here. Hurrah!