25 Nostalgic Theme Songs That Will Bring Every 1990s Kid Straight Back To Their Childhood 6 years ago

25 Nostalgic Theme Songs That Will Bring Every 1990s Kid Straight Back To Their Childhood

With the famous Back to the Future day happening this week it put us straight on the road to nostalgia.

From Dawson’s Creek to Goosebumps, there really were some iconic TV theme songs that were truly the soundtrack to our childhood.


Here are just some of our favourites…


Dawson’s Creek

Nobody wants to wait for their lives to be over…

The saga of Dawson, Pacey and Joey. Sigh.



No words needed.

Married with Children

A quite random one, but we bet once you listen to it you won’t be able to get it out of your head.


Home and Away

The obligatory must-watch after getting home from school. And on your lunch break if you were off on a ‘sick day’ *coughs*

The Wonder Years


What would YOU do if we sang out of tune?

Malcolm in the Middle

A lot of us didn’t tune into the first season, but this was definitely a grower.


Party of Five

We loved following all the ups and downs of this family.

My So-Called Life

When we first fell head over heels for Jared Leto.


We were going around roaring ‘Honey, I’m home’ for weeks.

Round the Twist

We watched this for the theme tune alone.



Dr. Cox = legend.


Crystal Maze

We still think we would have smashed this.



Just the opening few seconds was enough to know what was on.

Sex and The City

Iconic. And again, no words needed.


Sweet Valley High

We were OBSESSED with the books.


Lou and Harold and of course the Kennedy family. Watched after school, before The Simpsons at 6 and Home and Away at 6.30pm.


Saved By The Bell

The lyrics to this were super cool at the time.


You might not have watched it, but chances are you know most of the words to this.

Buffy The Vampire

All for the love of Angel.

Sister, Sister

Go home Roger!


Anyone else kinda wish this was still on?


The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

We know EVERY single word.


It was a tough call between this and Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Fraggle Rocks

Another one we still wish was going strong. Dance your cares away!

The X Files

Although it's making a comeback, this soundtrack brings us right back to our teenage years.