Maura's reaction to Jordan's confession on Love Island was absolute perfection 4 months ago

Maura's reaction to Jordan's confession on Love Island was absolute perfection

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Tense scenes.

Tonight's episode of the glorious Love Island has brought us tantrums as Jordan decides he doesn't like Anna all that much.

It's brought us tears as Anna realises Jordan doesn't like her all that much. And it's brought us triumphant events as Curtis and Maura get the news that they're going off to the hideaway to spend the night together.

It's all going on.

The most dramatic, and genuinely harrowing, piece of content, however, to spill from tonight's show has to be Jordan's decision to pull India for a chat without even bothering to say a single thing to Anna beforehand. For an entire day.

Honestly mate, c'mon like.

love island

The model pulled India aside and started to essentially try and crack on with the girl before Anna rocked up and asked what the hell was going on.

Let us not forget that before this, Jordan had spent the entire episode telling each of the boys that he wasn't sure about Anna, he didn't think he should have asked her to be his girlfriend, and that he felt like he needed to trust his gut and stay true to himself.

By being a total fucking snake.

Jordan tried to explain to Anna (finally) what the sitch was in some wishy-washy way that didn't really get to the root of the matter. Before this Maura was told by Curtis what the situation was and she had the single most perfect response:

"What? What? What a prick."

Yes, girl. Get it.

She then proceeded to say that she "hates guys like him" before asking why Jordan was pulling India for a chat when Anna is still his girlfriend.

She then pulled Anna for her own chat, saying that she couldn't just sit there and do nothing while her friend was being mugged off, regardless of what Curtis had to say about it.

What a woman.

Given that Jordan most likely decided to jump ship as he assumed that there was no point staying with Anna if the public didn't like them together, it seems like a fairly odd decision to then go ahead and do something that the public are going to absolutely rinse you for.

And oh, is he going to get rinsed.

But hey, who are we to judge? We're still angling for Maura and Curtis to win* despite the fact that he did the exact same thing.

* Just Maura on her own though, really...