5 MAJOR things we took away from the very first episode of Love Island Australia 3 years ago

5 MAJOR things we took away from the very first episode of Love Island Australia

Did you watch it?

Of course you did. How could you not? It was on less than five minutes after the UK version of the show, and after that drama-filled episode, we all needed more.


And, oh... we got more.

Tonight we were introduced to five new ladies, and five new men from Australia all looking for love.

And while it was only the first episode and there's another six weeks to go, things are heating up fast.

Here are the top 5 things we took away from the first episode of Love Island Australia:

The guys are cringe

We know, we had the same feelings about the UK guys when they first appeared on our screens... but that screwdriver moment? Nah, lad. Put it away.

The girls are fiesty


Oh yes, we're talking about the moment the new girl came in. Hell, there were even moments before that that we were all a little like 'OK woah calm down'. The feistiness is real.

They are all very upfront, and that's something we're going to have to get used to. Also, keep an eye out for Erin.

Nobody is afraid to speak their mind

When the ladies basically didn't step forward for any lad, they weren't afraid to let them know that they're waiting on something better. And then - after mere hours - Justin admitted that he's into Tayla and not the girl he coupled with... lads, these Aussies certainly know how to get what they want.

They all tanned a little bit too much for this


We know they're from Australia. We know they're tanned most of the year. But that was not a real tan that they had tonight.

Also, Josh, please wash your face. It looks like you have muck on it.

It's going to be juicy

We thought the UK version had drama? GUYS, we are literally hooked after one episode. Something will definitely go down between Erin and the new girl, FYI.


With those tans, and no-sh*t-taken attitudes, you can guarantee that Love Island Australia is going to be mentaaaal... and we can't bloody wait.