Another break up could be on the horizon in Love Island 11 months ago

Another break up could be on the horizon in Love Island

It's getting juicy.

Last night tensions were high as the new girls Lucinda and Millie headed on dates with four of the lads, but it's the originals that could be turning heads.


Aaron officially ended things with Sharon last night and as fans were left horrified by that, wait until you see what's about to go down.

While getting to know new girl Lucinda, Chloe chats to her about who she has her eye on, when Lucinda throws the question back at her.

Lucinda asks Chloe: "So, what’s going on with you? Do you fancy anyone in here?"


Chloe replies, shockingly: "Maybe. My type is Toby. He is my type on paper but I just love Kaz."

As the day passes, Chloe builds up the courage to pull Toby for a chat, and reveals her big secret to him, and it's not just Chloe feeling it.

Toby says: “Out of all the girls here, you intrigue me the most.”

Chloe hits back with: “I want to get to know you. Do you want to get to know me?”


If you ask us, and it might be obvious, but Toby and Kaz are on the rocks.

The flirting between the two only gets worse when it's time for the challenge Line of Booty. The aim of the game is for the girls pick a boy of their choice to throw in the Love Island jail, and deciding whether or not to share a smooch.

Toby and Kaz go first, setting "the tempo for all the girls," but when it comes to Chloe's turn to pick a boy, she opts for Toby too. We can't imagine this going down well with Kaz.


But it's not just Toby's head turning, we all know by now Jake's type is blondes so it was only a matter of time before he became interested in Millie and Lucinda.

Heading to the Beach Hut, Jake admits: "Out of the two girls, Millie is my type."

Later, he acts on these words, pulling Millie for a chat at the fire pit while Liberty and Kaz watch on from the day beds.

Liberty reveals: "It’s not nice to see but he’s got to do what he’s got to do. I’m going to be chilled and see what happens."


It's all just a matter of time.