ANOTHER Game of Thrones Character Looks to be Making a Comeback 7 years ago

ANOTHER Game of Thrones Character Looks to be Making a Comeback




While most of the will they/won't they return talk ahead of Game of Thrones season six has centred on a certain member of the Night's Watch, fans haven't forgotten that the fate of many other characters in the hit show is unconfirmed. 

We didn't see Stannis die, nor the aftermath of Theon and Sansa's leap from the castle wall. The newest member of the Kingsguard has raised questions about The Mountain's fate and of course a million theories abound regarding the future of Jon Snow.

One character has slipped under the radar entirely, however.

Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane was last seen in the season four finale, begging Arya Stark to put an end to his life with speed and mercy.



She refused, leaving her former captor on a mountain side, ostensibly to die a slow and painful death.

Viewers never saw the character die.

Now, fan site for the hit HBO show Watchers On The Wall is reporting that the actor who plays The Hound, Rory McCan, has been spotted at a hotel in Belfast, close to the filming locations for season six.


The star is not known to be involved in any other upcoming projects that would see him in the Northern Ireland home of Game of Thrones, raising speculation that his character will indeed live to fight another day.