Anton leaves the Love Island villa temporarily due to illness 11 months ago

Anton leaves the Love Island villa temporarily due to illness

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Don't worry, lads.

He'll be back.

Anton has been having a bit of a questionable time in the Love Island villa as of late.

After spending about a month chronically single, he eventually coupled up with Belle.

It seemed as if things were finally looking up for the Scottish lad, and yet, he only appeared to get more frustrated with his situation and less able to engage in banter without pissing someone else off.

This all came to the fore the other night when the islanders went to the Beach Club and Belle accused Anton of disrespecting her.

They then had a bit of a screaming match across the club until Caroline Flack arrived and made them choose who to send home, which made Anton cry, because he didn't want to lose his best mate, or whatever.

And now after all of that, it appears as if things are still not entirely going Anton's way as he is temporarily removed from the villa due to illness.

Poor little lamb.

The former naked butler will not be appearing in tonight's instalment of the show because he's away from the villa receiving treatment for whatever ails him.

"After feeling unwell during the day, Anton spent the night away from the villa and is subsequently missing from tonight's episode," reads ITV's statement.

"He has since returned to the villa."

Good to know, lads.

Tonight's episode also features the not-at-all believable news that Michael still has feelings for Amber. 

Michael makes the confession tonight as he sits around the fire pit with Ovie, Curtis and Jordan.

He tells them: "Now Joanna's gone, it's given me time to think about things and I realised I do like Amber."

After Jordan points out that "things would be so much more different" if Michael and Amber reconciled, the 27-year-old begins to wonder if he should tell Amber how he feels.

Make it stop.