Apparently, a couple of Strictly stars have been 'secretly' getting together this year 1 year ago

Apparently, a couple of Strictly stars have been 'secretly' getting together this year

Woah, never saw this coming.

Just kidding. Saw it coming a mile away. Not surprised one bit, tbh.


Every year, a lot of people get together on Strictly Come Dancing. 

Sometimes, those people are already in relationships. Sometimes, they are not. And sometimes, they even end their relationships upon realising that they should really be with somebody else all along, ie: their dance partner on a reality TV show.

And this year, seemingly, is no different - because according to a very anonymous TV source, two Strictly 2019 stars have indeed been secretly hooking up.

Only problem is we don't have a clue who they are.

A source told the Daily Star that the pair - who may or may not be actually paired together on the show - have been getting together under cover of darkness, but not without the rest of the cast noticing.

And although the source didn't reveal who the twosome are, they did say that people would be surprised to hear who's been getting down to it.


"You wouldn't have put these two together," they said. "If people knew they had been quick stepping into the bedroom, they would be stunned."

"It seems there was an attraction early in the contest. They tried hard to resist but they couldn't hold back.

"They did a good job hiding it but gossip has started to spread."

Conveniently vague, as always.

And yet, not entirely unbelievable considering the prominence of the so-called Strictly curse in recent years.


Lots to consider, as always. Taking bets, anyone?