Bake Off fans were raging after last night's shock double elimination 2 years ago

Bake Off fans were raging after last night's shock double elimination

Like, it wasn't really a shock.

Paul Hollywood had warned us this would happen in the beginning, guys.


We can't be mad. We can only be disappointed.

The Great British Bake Off has been back on our screen for a few weeks now, and since it kicked off, a few things have been abundantly clear.

The first is that Paul Hollywood is (allegedly) not using fake tan (according to him). And the second is that there was always going to be a double elimination coming our way.

And during last night's show, it occurred.


Sad times for all involved... but not that surprising, surely?

This week was 1920s weeks, meaning that there was a lot of booze, a lot of tradition, and a lot more booze.

Unfortunately for Helena and Michelle, it was also the end of their Bake Off journey - but in fairness to the audience, it wasn't just the fact that two people went home that shocked viewers to their very core, it was the fact that it wasn't Priya and Rosie.


The saved bakers had a considerable number of issues with their bakes during last night's episode as Priya presented a Not Great showstopper and Rosie full on dropped one of her custard tarts.

However, seemingly that wasn't enough for the judges to decide to send them home - and people were furious.



Following the decision, Michelle said she hoped she made Wales proud.

"I got halfway through, I never imagined that," she said. "I never set myself a goal of how far I could get, so halfway was amazing. I was just so happy to get into the tent."

Helena added: "At least we go together. I am actually OK about it, I have had an amazing time and I have learned that I can take criticism, I can have a laugh with it.

"Take the positives out of everything, which is hopefully something I will carry on doing."