Big Brother criticised for telling housemate her grandmother was dying on air 2 years ago

Big Brother criticised for telling housemate her grandmother was dying on air

Many viewers described the moment as an "invasion of privacy."

The Australian edition of Big Brother has attracted some criticism after informing a housemate that her grandmother was dying while the cameras were rolling.


Contestant Jess Trend, a sports star, was given the devastating news in the diary room.

Her brother gave her the news via phone call as cameras continued to film her reaction.

The athlete burst into tears when she learned of her grandmother's diagnosis.

Her brother added that her entire family are "very proud of her" and want her to remain in the competition.


"She's going to a better place," he said. "She gets to go hang out with Pa again."

He continued: "We're very proud of you, and we all want you to stay as there's nothing you can do."

Jess told her brother: "Just tell her I love her, so much."

Jess was then given the chance to pass on her goodbyes to her grandmother.


The visibly upset athlete told her relative that she is "the most magical human" and that she loves her so much:

"You've been the most amazing nanna," she said. "I just want you to know that my footy, and all that I do these days, it's all for you."

Viewers took to social media to criticise the producers' decision to film Jess as she received the tragic news.

One Twitter user described the moment as an "invasion of privacy" and said that they "felt sick knowing they exploited this for views".


Another person wrote that Big Brother shouldn't have filmed Jess saying goodbye. "Some things are sacred," they wrote.

Another Twitter user described the moment as "heartbreaking".

Elsewhere online, other viewers defended the show's decision to broadcast the moment. Many people suggested that as the series was prerecorded, Jess must have given production permission to broadcast the final conversation with her grandmother.