Bookies have a new favourite name for William and Kate's third child 4 years ago

Bookies have a new favourite name for William and Kate's third child

The bookies' have a new favourite.

We’re just weeks away from being introduced to William and Kate’s third child and excitement is building, especially when it comes to the name.


Yes, we saw it with George and Charlotte and now we’re seeing it again with the future Prince or Princess.

While there had been no strong favourite thus far, one name, in particular, is pulling way ahead in the weeks leading up the birth and we think it's a great choice.

Prince William

Alice has become a favourite among many bookies with most slashing the odds on William and Kate choosing the name for their third child.


However, that's not to overlook traditional names such as Mary and Victoria which remain popular also.

The gender of the royal baby has yet to be revealed, however, and if the baby is actually a boy, Albert and Arthur are clear frontrunners.

But the bookies seem convinced that baby number three will be a girl with odds on a female name having lowered dramatically in recent weeks.


Kate and William decided not to know the gender of their first two children until giving birth and opted for the same with their third child, so it’ll be another few weeks until we know anything for certain.