Bradley Walsh went IN on a The Chase contestant and it was brutal enough 1 year ago

Bradley Walsh went IN on a The Chase contestant and it was brutal enough

He mad.

The Chase is iconic.

The game is iconic, the host is iconic, iconic things happen.

Just an all-round unreal game to play along to at home or with your mates or in work when you've hit the midweek slump and need a little something to bring you back to life.

There are times, however, when even the most seasoned The Chase related person loses it a bit.

In this case, it was Bradley himself, who had absolutely zero time for one of the contestants on yesterday's show.

Your man, named Marlo, revealed early on in the show that he works as security in a casino, and that he always has a whale of a time ratting out cheaters.

He also admitted that he wants to go visit his brother in Australia if he wins some money - because he works at a betting agency.

Go on.

Bradley, however, stated that he didn't truth Marlo from the get go, joking: "You're just a bunch of scammers, aren't you?"

Marlo banked a decent six grand for his team, stating that he didn't want to go for the higher number because he didn't think it was worth risking.

However, he then proceeded to tell the rest of his teammates to go for the higher option during their turns - a game plan that Bradley was not oblivious to.

"Marlo, what are you talking about?!" he screeched, as the security man told a fellow player to go for 44 grand.

Scammers, indeed.

This comes just a few weeks after the most stupid moment in The Chase history occurred. 

A contestant who had stepped up incorrectly guessed 'Cadbury' as the answer to 'which confectionary company makes Revels?' A fair guess, I'm sure you'll agree.

So, given her answer was wrong, it was passed over to her teammates, who conferred over which answer to go with. One gentleman suggests Cadbury to their other teammate. She looked understandably baffled, given that answer was just rejected, and appears to suggest that the answer might be Mars.

The man, with a vacant look on his face, turns to everyone's favourite daytime TV host, and said... "Cadbury."

Walsh, also looking absolutely bamboozled, points towards the woman who had just answered Cadbury, reminding him of that fact, before informing him of the correct answer, which was of course...


Violent viewing.