Bridget Jones the Musical is going to happen 4 years ago

Bridget Jones the Musical is going to happen

Rejoice Bridget fans!

Just ahead of the release of the third Bridget Jones movie it's just been confirmed by the author, Helen Fielding, that a musical will happen.


Helen joined Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on This Morning to chat about the new movie and also revealed that a musical is definitely on the way.


Speaking about the musical she said, "We have done quite a lot of work on the musical, and we've done some workshops. But you know what it's like with the theatre, everyone sort of comes together and works on it, and then they flutter off again."

She added, "I'm really excited about the idea of a musical."

When asked by Philip about the timeframe she said, "It depends when the theatre is available. It's very spontaneous the theatre, which is what is so fun about it but you know in the next few years I think."

After Phillip asked if she had actually written it she replied, "I've written it – well I haven't finished it but yes, I hope it's happening!"


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