Britney is looking to appoint a new conservator 2 months ago

Britney is looking to appoint a new conservator

She's still fighting.

Britney Spears is making more moves when it comes to her conservatorship, and is launching a legal bid to have her dad removed completely.


Aiming for her father to be gone from the conservatorship, the singer wants him to be replaced by an independent accountant who will take over her finances.

Mathew Rosengart has been appointed as Britney's new attorney and is hoping for the same outcome, that Jamie Spears will be removed.

This comes after the pop star made two emotional speeches in a Los Angeles court, describing the conservatorship as "cruel" and "abusive".

She said in court: "If the court doesn't see this as abuse... I don't know what is."

Britney has also noted that should he be removed, she would be willing to press charges against her father.

The Los Angeles Superior Court website has listed a new petition to "Appoint Conservator of Estate (Successor)", with California-based accountant Jason Rubin as a "Nominee".


It was added that Judge Brenda Penny said she will rule in late September on whether to remove Jamie Spears from control of Britney's estate, estimated to be worth $60 million.

Since Britney Spears' breakdown 13 years ago, she has been living under a legal conservatorship controlled her father.

Britney had been hospitalised after a mental health episode and placed in rehab, when her father petitioned the court for a temporary conservatorship, in 2008.

Since then, Britney has been more and more vocal about removing her father from this, with social media posts accusing her dad of profiting from the situation.


A petition last year to remove Jamie from the conservatorship was rejected by the judge and another court hearing is set for September 29th.