You can now get a Team Maura T-shirt to wear while your fanny's flutterin' 7 months ago

You can now get a Team Maura T-shirt to wear while your fanny's flutterin'

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Is what Maura Higgins would say to you if you ever almost forgave a man for cracking on with someone else behind your back.

Or if you accidentally picked up her glass of West Coast Cooler.

Or if you did anything mildly questionable in her presence, probably.

The Longford gal has been turning heads, laying down facts, and essentially being the best person in the entire villa for a few weeks now.

In a surprising turn of events, she's even emerged as a fully bonafide feminist icon, thanks to her recent altercation with Tom (who?) when he wondered whether she'd end up being "all mouth" if they ended up going to the Hideaway together. 

And so, it only makes sense then that Team Maura T-shirts have become a real-life thing that you can actually buy and wear this summer.

Unless you, for some reason, happen to be Team Anybody Else - and if that is the case we unfortunately cannot help you.

The T-shirts in question are currently being sold by Hairy Baby for €24.50 and although they don't actually include an image of The Queen herself, they are fairly self explanatory.

"Anyone watching Love Island will be more than familiar with Maura and how she's shaking up the villa," reads the product description.

"She's tough out, doesn't take any crap, she's Irish and we're Team Maura all the way. You'll never beat the Irish!"

Fair enough assertion, yeah.

This comes after Maura was dubbed the queen of dishing out the cold, hard truth during last night's instalment of the show.

During the fall-out of Amy discovering that Curtis had wanted to recouple with Jourdan, she served Amy some brutally honest tea.

While chatting on the swing with fellow Islander, Lucie, Maura basically told Amy to wake the fuck up after she admitted that she loved Curtis.

As Lucie jumped in and asks Amy "but does he love you?" Maura bluntly answers for her saying: "Why are you asking her that? He doesn't."

Copped on, indeed.