You can now rent a Selling Sunset-esque mansion in Marbella 1 year ago

You can now rent a Selling Sunset-esque mansion in Marbella

The dreamy villas we've seen on our screen could become a reality with these holiday packages 

After binging the Netflix show of luxury homes with colossal price tags to match, most of us will just dream of setting foot in such a place.


With the excitement of Selling Sunset season four set to grace our screens this year, the dreaming will continue. However, for some lucky holiday goers, they could make this dream a reality. Oliver's Travels, a luxury travel brand that specialises in high-end villas, have put together a Sunset Dreaming package based on the show.

With prices starting at £2,500 (approximately 2911) per person in a group of four it is far from a budget holiday. However, its extravagance cannot be denied. The package includes the use of your personal Lamborghini, in case you need to pop out to the shops from your villa. 

It also will have you kitted out in the best holiday outfits around with access to a designer wardrobe - you can say goodbye to Penney's bikini section. 


To top it all off you won't have to worry about booking restaurants as there is a personal chef included in the deal, ready to rustle up your meals in your dream location. 

Along with this, the group have compiled a list of their villas that match up with some of those we saw in the show.  

If you were a fan of the infinity pool we saw at 8408 Hillside Avenue in the first season of the show, then look no further than Villa Caldron in sunny Marbella. It boasts fantastic panoramic views of the La Concha mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, along with its very own infinity pool.

If you get bored of lounging in the pool the property comes complete with a cinema room and an outdoor gym, and an elegant sky bar. Prices for a seven night stay start at £6,424, approximately 7481.


Their Cape Zonke property based in Cape Town overlooks the Bantry Bay hillside much like 1814 North Doheny Drive overlooking the Sunset Strip in the show.

Cape Zonke has the same open floor plan as the LA home and the bedrooms open up onto a terrace overlooking none other than the Atlantic Ocean.