Caroline Flack gives first look of Winter Love Island as she lands in Cape Town 8 months ago

Caroline Flack gives first look of Winter Love Island as she lands in Cape Town

It's coming, guys.

It's on its way. Winter Love Island. 

What once began as a dream, a wish, a fantasy, is actually happening for real. 

And although we haven't a clue whether we'll be half as invested in this show as we are in the summer one (here's hoping, please, we need the distraction from this cruel existence), we're still going to watch every single episode of it when it drops so whatever.

But when will that be? we hear you cry. When will we finally have access to a new assortment of hot, young, things to fawn over and complain about?

Soon, guys. Very soon.

So soon, in fact, that Caroline Flack has already landed in Cape Town, South Africa giving us all that coveted "first look" of the series.

If you can call a pixelated fast pan of her own face as she gets her hair and makeup done on the way to her first shoot a "first look" - but listen, we'll take anything at this point.

"We have just landed in Cape Town for Winter Love Island," she said on IG Stories.

"We are not sure what to expect, we don't usually film it in the winter, do we? (...) We're trying to decide what the hairstyle is going to be for this year's Love Island."

She then added that she might go for a bob, or that she might not. Telling.

Although we personally don't know the exact location of the new Cape Town villa yet, Caroline did let slip (via her tagged location on Instagram Stories) that it's just 20 minutes outside of Lion's Head Mountain, Cape Town.

Which really means it could essentially be anywhere at this point.

This might be the villa.

It also might not be. Who knows?

Winter Love Island is due to kick off on January 8 on Virgin Media Two.