Cheer's Jerry Harris will be working the red carpet at tonight's Oscars 2 years ago

Cheer's Jerry Harris will be working the red carpet at tonight's Oscars

Incredible scenes.

If you haven't seen Netflix's Cheer yet, do yourself a favour and watch Netflix's Cheer. 


It's heartwarming, it's gut wrenching, it's genuinely harrowing what these teenagers can do with their bodies.

It makes us feel incredibly concerned about our own achievements to date, but who has time to worry about personal goals when there are so very many Netflix shows to consume?

Detailing the trials and tribulations of the Navarro College cheerleading squad as they prepare for the most important competition of their lives, it's no surprise that Jerry Harris has emerged as one of the series' stars.

Humble, talented, and an incredible mat-talker, Jerry pretty much stole the hearts of anybody who watched him in the documentary - and those of us who sobbed violently when he was finally afforded the chance to compete at Daytona.


And now it appears as though Jerry Appreciation is only continuing to soar as he's actually going to be working the Oscars red carpet this evening for The Ellen Show. 

Sorted, tbh.

The Navarro cheerleader found out that he was going to be Ellen's red carpet correspondent just this week. And in true The Ellen Show form, his reaction was then shared far and wide on social media.

Spoilers: he was quite happy.


The 92nd Academy Awards kicks off this evening, and if you fancy staying up late to watch everything go down you can do so by watching the Oscars live on NOW TV. 

The red carpet will be starting at approximately 10pm Irish time with the ceremony itself running from 1am to about 4am in the morning.

So, calling in sick tomorrow, yeah?

Similarly, if you can't get enough of Cheer, you'd do well to check out Her's recent dive into the world of cheerleading in Ireland.


Confident is an understatement.