Classic Movie Of The Week... Aladdin 7 years ago

Classic Movie Of The Week... Aladdin

Every week, we in towers will provide you with a blast from the past, a film that you cannot live without but nor should you, the classic film that you simply need to watch.

This week, we take a look at one of our favourite animations with certainly some of the best musical numbers around, Aladdin.


Based on the old Arabian tale, One Thousand and One Nights which featured the story of Aladdin and his genie, the film is the 31st animated film from the Disney studios and arguably, one of its best.

Aladdin comes from the wrong side of town, a petty thief who always manages to get himself into trouble, until the day he finds a lamp, but no ordinary lamp, a magic lamp with a genie who will grant him three wishes. This turns out to be quite helpful as Aladdin just happens to fall in love with a Princess at the same time.

The main reason we fell in love with Aladdin as children was that brilliant soundtrack with numbers like You Ain't Never Had a Friend Like Me and A Whole New World. However, on top of that Robin Williams as the Genie was a stroke of genius, the script as good as any comedy that could have graced the silver screen.

This just something you need to go and dig out again. Disney at its finest.