Come Dine With Me contestant finally explains why he licked his whisk... like that 1 year ago

Come Dine With Me contestant finally explains why he licked his whisk... like that

An iconic piece of TV history, tbh.

Throughout its history, Come Dine With Me has served up some very memorable moments.


Who could forget Claire, who used old birthday cake in her desert? Or Marsh, and his iconic "Dear lord, what a sad little life Jane," monologue?

One moment in particular stands head and shoulders above the rest due to its sheer hilarity.

In a 2012 episode, contestant Kev is in the middle of whipping up ingredients for his cheesecake and decides to pause for a quick taste test.

Now, you or I might use a teaspoon to collect a sample. If we were feeling particularly lackadaisical, we may even forget the spoon altogether and use our fingers.


Not Kev though.

In a moment of genius, Kev opens wide and shoves the entire whisk into his mouth, stretching out his lips in the process. After a second, he takes it out and the ingredients splatter onto his tongue and into his mouth.

Nine years later, Kev, or DJ Kev, has broken his silence on whisk-gate.


The former contestant recently appeared on the Curios Cat podcast to discuss his time on the cookery show.

When asked why he did it, Kev said, "Do you know what? Loads of people ask me that, and I suppose I don't know the answer."

He added that it was just something he did to get a laugh out of the producer.

"And I knew at the time that I did it," he said. "Because they all absolutely wet themselves laughing. I thought, 'that's definitely going to be in the show.'"


Kev also spoke about how the moment became a meme in the years that followed.

"When it was on, it wasn't something that everyone was talking about. But it was a couple of years later, the first time it got shared, and then a couple of years after that. And then it seems like it never dies."

Let's hope it never does.