Confirmed! A popular doctor is returning to Grey's Anatomy 3 years ago

Confirmed! A popular doctor is returning to Grey's Anatomy

We can't wait for this.

If you thought there was unfinished business between Grey's Anatomy doctors Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt, it's been revealed that the pair will be reunited once again.


Yes, Kim Raver, who played Teddy on the show, is returning to the popular series and it's been suggested that she and Owen will pick up where they left off.

Although Teddy returned at the start of season 14 for a couple of episodes, it's thought that she will return for a longer period this time around.

Without giving too much away for anyone who hasn't caught up to the latest episodes, Teddy briefly returned to support Owen when he found out his sister Megan was alive.

The show is keeping the plot under wraps for now but it seems Owen is looking forward to his character embracing a new start.

As fans will know, his marriage to Amelia ended in divorce and now, a new start is on the horizon.

Speaking to E! News, Kevin McKidd who plays Owen said:


"I think he's going to have some fun finally. He's always chased this dream of being a father and having a child and having a family unit and I think his sister coming back, and all the guilt he carried with him for so many years, has all been lifted".

We're still holding out hope that Christina Yang will make a return to Grey Sloan Memorial at some point and the good news is she hasn't ruled it out completely.

Here's hoping...