Cooking With The Stars starts tonight and it looks intense 1 year ago

Cooking With The Stars starts tonight and it looks intense

Things in the kitchen are steaming up.

Think if Strictly Come Dancing and Masterchef had a baby, this is what the latest celeb challenge series is all about.


Cooking With The Stars is heading to Virgin Media Two tonight with some famous faces taking on a new role in the kitchen.

Along with a professional chef by their side, the aim of the series is to take these stars from amateurs to restaurant level chefs in a matter of weeks.

With Johnny Vegas, McFly's Harry Judd and Shirley Ballas all set to take part, all eyes are on them as they quickly learn new skills and compete against each other to truly see who comes out on top.


Virgin Media said: "This brand-new series sees eight celebrities, each paired with a professional chef who will mentor, teach and take them from amateur to restaurant-level chefs.

"Question is which celebrity has what it takes to shine when they step out of the limelight and into the kitchen to battle it out?"

But the most intense part we're about to see? Harry Judd decided the best way to make an impression on the show would be to accidentally slice the top of his finger.


Host Emma Willis revealed to The Sun: "The first chop he made, he took the end of his finger off. We put bandages on and double-gloved him as well because he was like, ‘I really want to carry on'."

When he was later asked if his hand was ok, Harry, who had two pairs of gloves on, admitted that his hands just felt like they were getting very sweaty.

As the gloves were pulled back, they all quickly realised that it wasn't sweat at all, but blood and the medics were brought straight in.


So if that type of drama doesn't entice you, we don't know what will.

The series starts at 9pm on Virgin Media Two tonight and you can check out the trailer here.