Coronation Street's Daniel Osbourne to propose to Bethany Platt 2 years ago

Coronation Street's Daniel Osbourne to propose to Bethany Platt

Coronation Street's Daniel Osbourne is set to propose to Bethany Platt next week - with his late wife Sinead Tinker's wedding ring.

Bethany makes the decision to take the internship in London - and to leave Weatherfield, without Daniel - after realising that she is living in Sinead's shadow.


According to The Sunupcoming scenes will see Daniel put all of Sinead's belongings in bin bags and leave them on her aunt Beth's doorstep.

Beth, meanwhile, goes after Bethany at her mum Sarah's wedding to Adam Barlow - congratulating her on totally erasing Sinead from their lives.

Sarah attempts to convince her daughter to stay away from Daniel, while Adam heads to the Rovers to try and talk things out with him.


And he's left stunned when his uncle tells him how much he loves Bethany, and that he's intending on proving it to her - and to everyone else. He rushes onto the street and calls to Bethany, who is at the salon flat with her mum.

As Sarah and Bethany peek out from the window, Daniel pulls out Sinead's ring and declares his undying love for Bethany - and asks her to marry him.

Given that Bethany makes the decision to leave Weatherfield (and her expression in the preview photos released by ITV), we're not too sure how well his declaration is received...


Lucy Fallon confirmed last month that she had filmed her final scenes for the soap, nearly a year after she confirmed she would be leaving Corrie. 

She spoke to Radio Times about how Bethany feels during Daniel's proposal - and the moment that leaves her "devastated".

"Bethany is confused because Daniel is really drunk; he is slurring his words and he can’t properly stand up,” she told the publication.


“He gets down on one knee like it’s going to be some sort of Romeo and Juliet moment with Bethany up high on a balcony but really she is just hanging out of the window! When Daniel calls Bethany by Sinead’s name, she is really devastated. She realises the ring that he is proposing with is actually Sinead’s ring.”