'It’s purely a career move': Danny's ex says he broke up with her for Love Island 2 years ago

'It’s purely a career move': Danny's ex says he broke up with her for Love Island

"I am completely heartbroken."

After an intense few weeks, Love Island's Danny is now happily coupled up - but things are less than settled in the outside world.


His ex-girlfriend is claiming that he broke up with her to go on show.

Danny ended thing with her, she says, because he wanted to further his career.

"What he has done is worse than cheating because I can’t get away from it," Beth Griffin told The Sun.

“I have to see and hear about him getting with other people on a daily basis because the show is on all the time and everyone is talking about it.

“Danny and I were falling in love and we had already agreed to be exclusive when he told me he was going on Love Island.

"He called me out of the blue and said he was going on ‘that show’."


Beth revealed that Danny assured her the show is set up and that the relationships aren't genuine.

“He claimed it was all for his career and that I had to understand. He said he wanted to improve the lives of his family and that he didn’t want to hurt me.

“He told me: ‘No one falls in love, it’s all fake.’ He also said: ‘It’s purely a game and a career move that could be a really really good thing for both of us.’

“But I have been crying ever since and I am completely heartbroken. Danny only cares about himself and what he has done is just vile.”


Danny is now coupled up with model Jourdan after two previous relationships in the villa.

He first paired off with scientist Yewande but later dumped her to recouple with model Arabella.