Deleted tweet suggests Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby are over 6 years ago

Deleted tweet suggests Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby are over

Very curious.

Stephen Bear and Charlotte Crosby have been one of the most loved-up reality TV couples ever since going public with their relationship in February.


Bear shared a photo of a Rolex watch that Charlotte had bought him on Instagram this month and they've even bought a house together in Essex, but speculation is now rife that they've split.

He shared this message over on Twitter earlier this week, appearing to confirm their break-up.

The tweet was later deleted, leaving fans very confused as to what's going on.


Bear is currently on a lads holiday in Magaluf, according to the Daily Mail, which could have prompted the reality star to call it quits, but we have our own theory.

The reality star shared this sponsored video promoting dating app Tinder, of all things, to his social platforms yesterday.

In it, he tells followers "if you haven't found your Charlotte... download Tinder."


Though the video looks spontaneous, sponsored posts like this are usually planned well in advance and are often scripted.

It could be that the post had been finalised before Bear's now-deleted tweet was posted and he would have lost out on a valuable sponsorship deal with the dating app if news had broken of the split with Charlotte.

It doesn't appear to be the only such deal that the pair are tied into together, if their social profiles are anything to go by.


The couple also presents MTV show Just Tattoo of Us together.

Charlotte hasn't made any comment on the split rumours.