DNA shocker for Emmerdale as Maya leaves newborn on Jacob and David's doorstep 9 months ago

DNA shocker for Emmerdale as Maya leaves newborn on Jacob and David's doorstep

Of course she does.

It's Maya.

It's been a while now since the whole Maya being a total paedophile came to a head.

Months in fact, and although many of us have simply forgotten how frustrating and downright harrowing it was to watch a fully grown woman groom a teenager boy, those feelings may very well be returning this Christmas.

Because Maya's back... and she's got a baby with her.

The teacher - who has recently been spending quite a bit of time in prison for her crimes - is set to show up this festive season to make Jacob and David's lives hell.

But this time, she's not alone. She got a baby - and neither the dad nor the son have any idea who the father is.

You truly, truly do love to see it.

Maya, thankfully, is nowhere to be seen, however her absence does mean that the identity of the child's father shall remain a mystery until further notice.

Determined to find out the truth, David decides to organise a DNA test for the newborn to discover once and for all who the daddy is.

The pair sit around nervously awaiting the results, which will no doubt take that bit longer than the appear to in the soap.

And while we don't know for sure yet whether David and Jacob will find out who the child's father is over Christmas or not, we sincerely hope that they will.

Don't drag this out, lads. Not again. Our poor hearts can't take it.

Earlier this month, executive producer Jane Hudson told Digital Spy that the upcoming storyline is set to be very "explosive" indeed.

"Who's the daddy is being asked by David and Jacob, and Jamie and Graham this Christmas," she said.

"You will find out who's the daddy in one of those stories, but in another you won't find out for a while. It's very exciting and it's very explosive."

"[David and Jacob are] having a nice Christmas, then all of a sudden there's a baby on the doorstep. It's not what they expected," she continued.

"It's going to have a massive effect and when they find out who the father is – if it's Maya's baby! For both of them it's going to have a massive effect. But for whoever the dad is, it's going to have a massive impact."

Can't wait. Truly.