Dublin Murders stars say filming series left them 'broken' and 'exhausted' 3 years ago

Dublin Murders stars say filming series left them 'broken' and 'exhausted'

Gagging to see this, tbh.

The stars of the upcoming true crime series Dublin Murders have said that filing the show left them "broken" and "exhausted."


Killian Scott and Sarah Greene, who play lead detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox, said that as much as they enjoyed being involved in the series, it did take it out of them.

"You do get to the stage where you're exhausted," Scott told The Herald.

"Although that's not the worst place for an actor to be because they're turning off their critical brain and just doing it."

Greene added: "I felt completely satisfied by the work, but I was pretty broken by the end of it. I took two months off!"


Dublin Murders is based on author Tana French's first two books, In The Woods and The Likeness. 

It will focus on detectives Reilly and Maddox investigating a series of crimes that they believe could be linked to an old case.

Greene said that both lead characters soon discover that they are connected by more than just their profession.


"I think they have a shared guilt of surviving," she said. "They both survived traumas in their pasts and that binds them together."

Dublin Murders airs on BBC One tonight as Reilly and Maddox investigate the murder of ballerina who has been found dead on an ancient altar.

It soon becomes apparent that the murder could be linked to a missing persons case from 20 years ago involving three children who went into the woods and never emerged.


The second episode will air on BBC One tomorrow. New episodes will air every Monday and Tuesday for four weeks after.

The Irish premiere isn't too far behind either, because Dublin Murders will begin with a double bill on RTÉ One on Wednesday October 16 at 9.35pm.

Get hype.