EastEnders' Patsy Palmer to 'return' as Bianca Jackson 2 years ago

EastEnders' Patsy Palmer to 'return' as Bianca Jackson

EastEnders' Patsy Palmer is set to return as Bianca Jackson, according to reports.

The 47-year-old is set to film her scenes in the coming weeks, according to The Sun. She is said to be returning to help her on-screen adopted daughter Whitney, who admitted to murdering her stalker in Friday's episode, through her arrest and trial.


“Bianca is a legendary character and the writers are always delighted to be able to invite Patsy back to play her," an insider told the publication.

“Whitney’s admission in Friday’s episode will lead to some tough times for her, so her adoptive mum comes back to help her out. Although it remains to be seen how helpful Bianca back will be for her.”

Patsy first joined EastEnders in 1993, before leaving six years later in 1999. She returned in 2008 before leaving again in 2014. She made a brief return to the soap again last year.

EastEnders marked its 35th anniversary with a dramatic series of episodes, which saw a number of characters' lives hanging in the balance after a dramatic boat crash.


Whitney handed herself into the police after confessing to the murder of Leo King, who had been stalking her.

Speaking to Metro last year, bosses Kate Oates and Jon Sen revealed that there was still a lot to come for Whitney - and that she would feature heavily for the next while.


"We talk often in the story office about Whitney and her troubled past, and her history with men, and her bad luck in relationships. Shona plays tragedy so well and Whitney is such a compelling character. She is a character you can give these really tough stories to, and she plays them with such beauty and conviction — and power. You err away from her being happy," Sen explained.

"When I joined, Kate and I had a conversation where we both said ‘We’re fascinated by Whitney. This enigma — this character with this past that we all know about — and the fact that she can never find happiness, and where do we go?’ and we agreed that we wanted to push her to the front and centre of the show in terms of investing in that character."

"We know where we’re taking Whitney over the next couple of years which is always a joy with a character because you don’t always get that," Kate added.