Ekin-Su lands herself in a "sticky situation" as the recoupling looms on tonight's Love Island 1 month ago

Ekin-Su lands herself in a "sticky situation" as the recoupling looms on tonight's Love Island


Another week, another recoupling and as things heated up on last night's episode of Love Island, there is a whole lot of making up to do on tonight's show.


After the heart rate challenge caused a rift between a few of the islanders, Ekin-Su is of course mixed in with the drama but it's when she gets a text that things really hit the fan.

As the islanders are discussing last night's antics in the bean bag area, Ekin-Su gets a text that reads: “Islanders, tonight there will be a recoupling in which the girls will choose which boys they want to couple up with. #girlsontop #bigchickenergy”

As the girls get the first pick, Ekin-Su finds herself in a dilemma, and is utterly confused about her next move. Mind you, she did kiss Davide, so it might be more obvious than she thinks.


Speaking about this to Gemma, she asks: "Do you think he is interested in me?”

Gemma says: “I think he is but it will be a longer process, there still definitely is chemistry. Everyone can see it.”

Later  speaking in the Beach Hut, Ekin-Su admits: “I have these three boys in front of me, all of them have given me something great. Charlie is amazing, I’m myself with him- everything flows, nothing is forced. Jay obviously there’s a very big sexual chemistry with him, then you have Davide who we did start something… what do I do?”


While Ekin-Su has her own worries, so do the boys as they have a lot of making up to do.

Dami and Andrew surprise Indiyah and Tasha with breakfast and it looks as if all amends are made with the girls, as Indiyah says: “My heart is racing for this pancake, you deffo made up, you deffo made up for yourselves.”

Jacques pulls Paige for a chat to apologise for his behaviour last night, saying: “When you actually opened up and told me why, I was like ok, I apologise. I should’ve had your feelings first before mine.”


But reflecting in the Beach Hut, he adds: "Last night with Paige, I was quite selfish at first- I realised that pretty quick when I spoke to her. I should’ve been there for her straight away.”

Cutting back to the day beds, he tells Paige: "I’d love to prove to you how much you mean to me.”

Two single girls are also feeling the pressure of a recoupling, as Danica and Antigoni are left worried about who they'll go for.

Danica pulls Jay for a chat, telling him: "f I’m honest, you were in my top three when I first came in, looks wise, so it’s not like I’d be completely closed off to being in a couple with yourself. I think it’s important for me to let you know that you’re somebody that I would consider."


While Antigoni opens up to the girls about not knowing who her next pick is, saying: "With Davide, I’m super comfortable - we really get along. Whatever it ended up being, it would be authentic. With Jay there was an initial attraction there but obviously I came in as this whole saga with Paige was unravelling and now he’s turned round in the last few days and is like I want to get to know you on a more romantic level. Part of me would like to get to know Jay still..’