Emmerdale's Paddy and Chas fear new baby health scare 1 year ago

Emmerdale's Paddy and Chas fear new baby health scare

Worrying times for the couple.

Emmerdale's Paddy and Chas are facing another potential baby health scare in upcoming episodes.

With their 20 week scan on the horizon, the pair have new worries about the health of their child as the potential for devastating news attempts to drive a wedge further between them.

This comes after the couple said goodbye to their baby daughter last year soon after she was born.

Baby Grace had a rare foetal abnormality which meant that she could not survive outside the womb. Paddy and Chas were informed of this news early in the pregnancy, eventually deciding to continue to the birth so they could meet their daughter.

Soon afterwards, Chas discovered that was pregnant again and although there has been nothing in the pregnancy to suggest any abnormalities, the pair are still anxious about the scan.

In a botched attempt to quell Chas's fears, Paddy decided to cancel the scan, incorrectly assuming that it will make her feel better.

Chas, however, is furious and demands to know why he has made such a move behind her back. The pair argue about the necessity of attending the scan for a while and eventually decide to rebook themselves in.

Finally being honest about their fears, the couple go to the appointment together but their candidness isn't enough to give them peace of mind as they settle in, desperately hoping for good news.

But judging by the above promo photo, it looks like they might just be getting it.

Emmerdale continues tonight at 7pm on Virgin Media One.