Emmerdale set to return to Priya's eating disorder storyline in coming weeks 1 year ago

Emmerdale set to return to Priya's eating disorder storyline in coming weeks

Emmerdale looks set to return to an eating disorder storyline in the coming weeks.

Upcoming scenes will see Priya Sharma start to act differently around her friends and family, leading to Andrea Tate stepping in to check what's up.

The barmaid has already started to act strange in recent episodes, but this isn't the first time that Priya has struggled with disorder eating.

After her relationship with David Metcalfe fell apart when he left her at the alter, Priya developed an eating disorder.

She managed to keep her struggle a secret until it became apparent that she was carrying David's baby.

Priya's situation only got worse as she tried to tell herself that her behaviour was normal and that her unborn child would not be affected by her illness.

After a fall, a doctor informed her that she and her baby were both suffering from anorexia. It was then that Priya decided to check into an eating disorder clinic.

She later gives birth to her daughter, Amba seven weeks early. After a difficult birth, Priya made the decision to have an arranged marriage to give her child a father.

She later regreted this decision.

Upcoming scenes will see the soap return to Priya's mental illness as she attempts to host an event. However, due to her recent financial problems, she becomes increasingly stressed and passes out.

Worried for her health, Leyla insists that Priya go see a doctor.

Whether she'll actually listen is another story.