Emmerdale's Eric and Faith could be set to split following brawl with Bear 1 year ago

Emmerdale's Eric and Faith could be set to split following brawl with Bear

No, not an actual bear, just some lad named Bear.

Lads, we have to be honest, for the past seven months or so, we've found it difficult to care about the people in Emmerdale.

Not because they don't have fascinating and troublesome lives, but because the show has been inundated with Maya and Jacob content for as long as we can remember.

Nothing else matters when there's a paedophile teacher roaming the streets, you know?

Now though, it appears as if there's new drama on the horizon in the form of an iconic couple slitting up - following a really embarrassing brawl with Bear.

The man, not the animal.

It all goes down when Eric becomes paranoid that Faith is cheating on him when he spots what he thinks to be intimate exchange between the pair.

Although it's absolutely likely to be nothing at all, Eric decides he's going to challenge Bear to a wrestling match at Paddy Kirk's birthday.

Clearly going to get his ass handed to him, Eric goes ahead anyway all in a bid to prove his love for Faith.

She splits the two up and Eric sulks off, not understanding (or caring) that Faith wasn't stepping in because she's riding Bear, but because Eric probably would have actually died had that fight continued.

The next day, Eric packs all of Faith's things into some bin bags and leaves them out for her.

She is, of course, upset by the turn of events and does the only thing she knows right - hikes her skirt up, puts her lipstick on, and goes to the Woolpack to attempt to win Eric back.

And judging by the comedic nature of this entire exchange, we can only go ahead and presume that she does.

Sure look. Sure listen.