First Dates contestant lies to date about winning £100k and nah, not having it 1 year ago

First Dates contestant lies to date about winning £100k and nah, not having it

Harrowing scenes.

Look lads, we know, dating is a minefield. And blind dating it even worse.

There are so many things that could potentially go wrong thus making it the worst and most shocking waste of time you've ever experience in your dull little life.

They could be unattractive, they could have misled you about their height, they might have had a thing with your best mate a few years back and even though it didn't mean anything you're not entirely sold on the idea of trying your friend's leftovers.

Or they could straight up lie to you and give you a fake scratch card and make you think you've just won a load of money.

Either or.

The latter unfortunately happened on last night's episode of First Dates UK when a woman named Georgia presented her date - also named Georgia - with a scratch card as a gift (?).

"I didn't know what to bring, so I actually brought you a scratch card. Good luck!" she said before slyly handing the card over with a menacing and deeply unsettling look in her eye.

Other Georgia thanked her and, albeit mildly confused by her gift, did a bit of scratching and legitimately lost her mind when she thought she had just won £100,000.

The two women celebrated their win and discussed taking a holiday, buying a load of cars, and how arguing over who would split the bill wouldn't be so much of an issue anymore (lol).

However, Georgia eventually admitted that the whole thing had been a gag and that Georgia hadn't won any money at all.

Georgia naturally flipped out and asked Georgia if she was "fucking joking?" Which, yeah, in fairness to her, she was. Because she was playing a prank.

But rather than storm off and demand that the First Dates crew set her up with somebody who isn't a total liar, Georgia and Georgia put aside their differences and even had a little bit of a kiss at the end of the date.

They also vowed to see each other again, but it remains to be seen whether Georgia was lying about that too.

We hope that she wasn't.

Poor gal.