It's official - First Dates Ireland couple announce engagement 1 year ago

It's official - First Dates Ireland couple announce engagement

The couple announced the news last week.

It's official - First Dates Ireland is responsible for an engagement.


First Dates Ireland couple Carla and Shez announced that they've gotten engaged after eight months together.

The pair met on the fan favourite RTE dating show and immediately the nation were rooting for them to end up together.

Heading to Instagram, Shez shared the adorable picture of him and his bride to be showing off her engagement ring.

Shez wrote: "She said yes & I get to spend the rest of my life with the best person on this planet!"


"Thanks you so much @rte2 @ciarabres and every one @firstdates_tv this would not have happened without you."


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Shez wasn't the only one to spill the beans on their big news, Carla also took to social media to show off her new fiancée.


She wrote: "On my 40th birthday this absolute legend asked me to marry him!! No idea how he managed to keep this a secret from me, but he did and got me good!"

"We only met 8 months ago but knew instantly we had something special, as they say when you know you know, and boy did we know."

"I’ve had to wait 40 years for this day, 40 years but it was worth the wait as I get to spend my life with the most incredible human being I’ve ever met."


"Shez Sherry, thank you for making me the happiest girl on the planet right now, I adore you."

Despite not being so sure upon their first encounter, the pair quickly realised that they had so much in common and gave a relationship a try - and it definitely paid off.