Friends 'The Last One' voted as best TV show finale of the past 20 years 2 months ago

Friends 'The Last One' voted as best TV show finale of the past 20 years

The One That People Are Going To Continue To Watch Over And Over Again Until Death.

Friends is a very popular TV show.

This, we know.

It does not need to be justified or explained to us.

One of the most watched - and rewatched - shows of the past two decades, the series has continued to draw in fans old and new, as it's re-broadcast on TV and rewatched via everybody's Netflix.

And although the show's final episode is a source of deep sadness and intense pain (because it was the final episode), as it turns out, it's actually been voted the best TV show series finale of the past decade.

Sounds right to us, tbh.

Compiled by Digital Spy and as voted by their readers, the list appropriately afforded Friends the top spot for best season finale.

It was followed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Breaking Bad, the Big Bang Theory (?), and Life on Mars. 

All of the above bar one we can get on board with. See if you can guess which.

The publication also asked their fans for their incredibly expert opinions on their favourite realty TV shows (I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here), their favourite movies (Avengers: Endgame), and their favourite TV moments (EastEnders' You ain't my muvva!).

All solid shouts, in fairness.


This comes after word of a Friends reunion, which is apparently on the way despite numerous reports that it would never happen.

Why ruin a good thing, you know?

In a recent interview with People, Jennifer Aniston was asked if she knew anything about the reunion plans and her response was a straight-out "nothing."

However, she did continue on to say:

"And I will just continue with… we’re trying".

"It’s a never ending question, isn’t it? What else could make a group of six actors feel more proud. It’s bringing people joy on a daily basis".

You can check out Digital Spy's full list here.