A Friends musical is coming to the UK and could we BE anymore excited?! 1 year ago

A Friends musical is coming to the UK and could we BE anymore excited?!

We could actually, yeah.

There are plenty of things that are more exciting than a musical based around a popular sitcom from the early 2000s.

Like getting a tan in April, accidentally being paid more than you're owed, and realising that your best mate has totally forgotten you borrowed her new Missguided dress that looks far better on you than it does on her anyway.

But like, this is a Friends musical, so yeah, we guess we'll take it.

Written by Miranda Larson, Friendsical is a parody show based on the hit sitcom featuring all six of the main characters but played by other actors because obviously Jennifer Aniston has better things to be doing.

Set around the time that the first episode of Friends aired, newly dumped Ross is concerned that he'll never find love again... until Rachel comes back into his life.

Sound familiar? It should.

The show will include original songs such as '(He's her) Lobster!', 'Richard's Moustache' and 'You're Over Me? When Were You Under Me?'

"This is a loving parody not to be confused with the Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. series Friends," reads the synopsis.

"When Ross' wife leaves him for another woman, he fears he will never find love again. But then Rachel runs back into his life... will he end up with his one true love?"

The musical will make its debut in Cheltemham's Everyman Theatre this July 15, and travel around the UK for a limited run.

The musical will also have a run at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.